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Food and Meals

Each meal is made at our location and the menu is created following the Child Development Association (CDA) guidelines and recommendations. Food is included as part of child care enrollment.

For infants 0-11 months, parents provide infant formula and/or breast milk.


Bread: Pancakes

Fruit/Vegetable/Juice: Banana and Strawberries

Milk: Milk

AM Snack

Meat: Yogart

Bread: Toast

Fruit/Vegetable/Juice: Apple

Milk: Milk


Meat: Beef

Bread: Pasta

Fruit/Vegetable/Juice: Carrots

Fruit/Vegetable/Juice: Grapes

Milk: Milk

PM Snack

Meat: Peanut Butter

Bread: Bagel

Fruit/Vegetable/Juice: Celery Sticks

Milk: Milk

Sample Menu - Toddlers
Sample Menu - Infants 0-8 months


Infant Milk: Breast Milk

Infant Cereal: Rice Cereal


Infant Milk: Breast Milk


Infant Milk: Formula

Infant Cereal: Wheat Cereal

Fruit/Vegetable: Apples (baby food)

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