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I brought my daughter's to Cece's daycare when she was 4 months old. As soon as my daughter sees Cece she is immediately all smiles. It is comforting to know my daughter is in good hands while we are at work. - Cheralyn

Cece is such a wonderful caregiver. She started watching my baby when he was 5 months old until he was 3 1/2.  She provided healthy wonderful meals that my son loved. The environment is safe, educational, and nurturing. My son has never been happier. As a full time working mom there is nothing more comforting than leaving your child with such a loving caretaker.  We loved the curriculum, and my son learned his letters and numbers along with much more. 

Cece is extremely flexible and has great hours. I could send him in the summertime and worked out a schedule that worked with our family.  My son had to have surgery at one point and she came to our home with gifts and his favorite soup. She actually came to our home with his favorite soup several times as my son begs for it constantly.  My son truly loves Cece and every night when he says his prayers he's always blessing her. 

It is clear that this is her calling. She loves her students, and works hard to create a safe, nurturing and caring environment.  This is a wonderful place for children to grow and play. - Charisa

We enrolled my daughter at Cece's daycare in April of 2016. She was an only child at the time and wanted her to get more interaction with kids her age. I think this was the best decision we made in picking daycare providers. Our daughter has developed her language and social skills tremendously. Cece was also a big part of our potty training success!
Cece and her staff are very friendly and kind. It's more of a family environment than a daycare which is so comforting! I recommend Cece's daycare to everyone who asks me, she is simply the best!! - Lili

Cece was not just a "babysitter", she was a woman who loved and nurtured my son. She kept him for several months as I was preparing to leave the Chula Vista area to move to Texas and couldn't have been more blessed to have her in our lives. My son was always eager to go to her house and asked about her for a long time after we moved away. We love Cece! - Lindsey

Cecilia Sandlin has provided childcare for my son Isaiah while I attended night classes. My son is currently four years old and special needs; diagnosed on the Autism spectrum and is mostly nonverbal. Cecilia was wonderful with him, providing him with an educational environment, play time and nutritious meals.

Isaiah had a regular routine and I was able to see his daily schedule. This included music time, arts and crafts and outside playtime. He was able to interact positively with members of his age group which facilitated his communication efforts. -Brandi

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